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Corporate Social Responsibility

MiDCOM strongly believes in giving back to the community and has a strong corporate tradition of supporting various charitable causes.
The Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is built on three pillars:




Corporate Social Responsibility - MiDCOM CommunityCorporate Social Responsibility - EmployeesCorporate Social Responsibility - MiDCOM Education
The group strongly believes in supporting the community in which it exists. It understands that change begins at a micro level, creating a ripple effect to effectively spread the cause and address larger masses. Each country office therefore has been involved in continuous involvement with the community and annual donations to help the region grow with the business.It truly believes in the growth of their employees and hence provides various refresher courses for personal and professional development for its employees. It also supports it's employees in giving back to the community and provides 1 full working day for charitable activity during each quarter.Nothing is more important than the growth of the next generation, and hence it collaborates with all the different group entities to organize school visits for young children in a bid to inspire and enlighten them of the various possibilities ahead. The organization also donates school stationery, bags and other equipment to local schools where it is most required.

Other Significant Initiatives

MiDCOM also regularly contributes to the Midland group foundation and has helped the foundation for various charitable activities such as supporting mentally challenged and disabled in Uganda, donating to the HIV foundations in Uganda and construction of water facilities for rural farmers in East Africa to name a few.
The organization strongly believes in the charities and causes it supports and is committed to the growth of the African community.

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