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MiDCOM Invests $3m in e-airtime

MiDCOM Eazy, a subsidiary of MiDCOM, has invested $3m (sh4.8b) in electronic airtime loading technology, writes Wambui Oyulu.

The Electronic Voucher Distribution Service (EVDS) device is portable and easy to charge. Midcom Eazy’s chief executive, Deepak Kataria, said: “The EVDS software is capable of dispensing airtime bearing Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) across the supply chain from the super dealer to the retailer, who will be able to generate the airtime from his or her point of sale.”

The service is currently available to Celtel subscribers only for the next three months after which it will spread to other networks. Vouchers will bear a PIN number, which when activated on the selected network will determine the value of airtime ordered and paid for by the customer. This is meant to ease airtime distribution and ensure security while transporting airtime. Deepak added: “Retailers won’t have to worry about denominations. All they have to do is buy airtime in bulk from the super dealer and deduct any amount the customer needs.” He added that dealers and retailers would be trained on how to effectively use the EVDS device.

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