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MiDCOM Service centre boosts company operations


Besides the affordable mobile phones and accessories at MiDCOM, the modern service centre is a landmark in the company’s operations. Akash Kumar, the General Manager MiDCOM says they operate the biggest service centre; the second largest in East Africa. He says they also give a one-year warranty on phones purchased at MiDCOM outlets and this has made their products, even more popular.

He says their Nokia Care MiDCOM Service Centre has trained personnel, who is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has capacity to handle many phones.

“As we specialise in mobile phones, one can be sure that when customers visit, they’ll talk to staff who know what they are talking about,” says Kumar. He says they recently recruited a Nokia trained engineer Vivek Vajpayee from Nokia India Ltd to run the service centre. Vivek is a Nokia level four engineer, the highest possible qualification in the sector. His deputy Twaha Segawa, a South African trained technician is a level three engineer.

Besides manning the Nokia Care MiDCOM service centre, they also render similar service to the MiDCOM priority distribution centres throughout town. Kumar says they are fully equipped to provide Nokia level three service centres and have spent over $100,000 on the venture.

Vivek Vajpayee, the Service Centre engineer observes that not many technicians in Uganda really know about software applications that accompany mobile phone technology. He notes that many start off as apprentices. With the frequent technological advancements they have failed to keep abreast and the unsuspecting public has often fallen prey. He advises those with defective phones to always seek assistance from established mobile phone clinics. He says their service centre comprises genuine tools and they don’t do things the rudimentary way.

“We use Nokia online software, which is licensed. This helps us check for things like warranty on line, plus all details pertaining to one’s phone. For instance, if a customer loses a phone, we check for it globally using the online job sheet and give a detailed report. This is different from others who do it manually,” Vivek says.

He explains that they undertake to repair all Nokia phones but the beauty of it all, is that all MiDCOM customers get free service for their faulty phones. If a phone has a warranty with us, we repair it for free. If the phone has a physical damage, we repair it immediately. If it has fibre, software or trouble shooting problems, we try to fix them. However if we fail, which is a rare case, we take the phone to another level in South Africa, just to satisfy the customer. By and large, we do most of the work here and clients have very few problems with our work,” Vivek says.

He notes that there is a general practice of changing Imei (serial numbers) on stolen phones, which is illegal and carries with a seven -year imprisonment if found guilty. He says that whereas some phone service centres in town still indulge in the practice, they greatly discourage it and as such fully co-operate with police in rooting out the wrong elements.

Twaha Segawa, the Deputy Engineer, notes that because of the increase in customer numbers, they have had to increase on operation times. He says they now operate from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. He points out that they specialise both in the cheap and expensive Nokia phones. He says all the 250 priority dealers are the service centre’s responsibility.

“All our priority dealers are inter-connected. As such, anyone who buys from a MiDCOM priority dealer anywhere in the country, qualifies for our free service,” he explains.

“They can call us to collect faulty phones and we do the job in a maximum of 24 hours.”

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